I have been with Shelley from T&T accounting for over 15 years. Very professional stays knowledgeable about updating tax laws and provides excellent customer service. Although I live out of state, T&T keeps in contact with me through any means I prefer–phone, fax, text, email, and postal mail. I would highly recommend T&T for federal and state taxes.

- Kathleen Cathey

Annually we file business and personal taxes with T&T, we needed an accountant with an intricate understanding of the challenges faced by small businesses. T&T directed us down the right path to ensure we were minimizing our tax burden while remaining in line with all filing requirements. T&T offered a trust-worthy family-oriented relationship. Not only is Shelley like family, she has over two decades of experience in tax and accounting. She knows her stuff! With the advice from T&T, we were able to optimize our business lease and receive yearly tax refunds from our small business. The insight and game plan provided by T&T was well thought out and specific to our situation. There was no one size fit all approach, which we really appreciated! We enjoyed working with T&T, communication is always timely with accurate feedback. We did not feel like a number or just another client working with a large shop accounting company. Overall, working with T&T is a seamless experience when it comes to workflow. Provide the required documents and Shelley and team will handle it from there. Whether filing as a small business owner or individual/joint applicant T&T has the expertise to set you up properly for years to come. You’ll be happy with the service and experience!
- Courtney Banks

Party Time Chicago Bus and Limousine Services, LLC

Back in 1992, my brother-in-law told me about Ann Taylor’s accounting services. She helped him save money with his complex tax preparation and that prompted me to seek her help with my small Mary Kay business expenses and the combination of that income, along with my full-time job income. I have been a T&T Accounting Services, Inc. client every year, since.

I’m not sure if my issue was unique, but it certainly was to me because I knew that I could no longer file a simple 1040, considering my business expenses; and because I do not have accounting experience, I needed a professional. I truly got the professional I sought. Ann, and now her daughter, Shelley, have been my tax accountants and given some great, general financial advice over these nearly 30 years.

After I married, in 1994, Ann continued to easily sort through my husband and my taxes, year-after-year. My husband has worked in sales as an independent contractor and an employee, for various home improvement companies; T&T Accounting has annually prepared our taxes in such an ethical, legal and efficient way that we have never been called into question, had an audit or any negative fallout from the IRS. Thank God for that.

Since Shelley took over from her mom, in 2013, I have worked with her on helping with my ever-changing household expenses, deductions, etc. I have never been disappointed with the care T&T puts into my tax preparation. I have enjoyed the use of technology that Shelley implemented when she moved out of my geographical area. I was and still am excited to have her carrying on with her mother’s legacy. I trust T&T Accounting and won’t have anyone else prepare my taxes, and now my daughter’s taxes, since 2017.

Thank you, T&T.

- Davita White

I have used T&T Accounting for over 10 years. I made a career change and put my Foundation on pause for about 6 years trying to decide whether I would continue to manage it. After retiring, I decided that I wanted to resume managing my Foundation. Needless to say, I had not filed taxes and loss my Tax-Exempt status. I chose T&T Accounting because of the excellent service that I have received over the years. Ms. Taylor is extremely knowledgeable about personal and business tax laws and is very professional and prompt with the service that she provides. T&T Accounting solution was unique because Ms. Taylor took care of everything. I did not have to make any calls to the IRS. I was back up and running with my Foundation within a matter of weeks. T&T Accounting solution was unique because Ms. Taylor had to do six tax returns and one reinstatement and all she asked me was how soon do you need it. This was in the middle of tax season but that did not stop her from taking on the challenge. The approach and deliverance were very professional and timely. Ms. Taylor is very personable and takes pride in the service that she provides to her clients. My experience with T&T Accounting is one of total satisfaction. I would recommend T&T Accounting to other individuals for personal tax services as well as business tax services. I am proud to have her as my Accountant.
- Claudie L. Phillips

President, ICONS Foundation

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